Custom website design

Custom Website Design

Custom design providing uncluttered pertinent information with:
  1. Content directed at the user
  2. A clear website structure
  3. Quick loading pages which offer no distractions
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Website content that helps users really works

Regrettably search engines only recognise text, this makes it essential that important names, content, or links are displayed as text. Look at a few top ranking pages there size, style, keyword density, content and number of links and there appears to no pattern to success; but well written content consistently rank well.

Our custom design concentrates on:
  • Analysis of your Company's UK products and services, grouping these by common themes, into relevantly named directories. Each page's URL refers to its substance, acts as a user draw and helps logical website development by providing an understandable structure.
  • User relevant designs with key search terms naturally written and the title truly describing each web page.
  • Producing quick loading pages that use a few optimised combined images and colours for backgrounds. Simple layouts which reduce internal coding; with common formatting and positional codes being placed in a single common condensed shorthand Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).
  • The careful use of custom images including flash can save a thousand words, quickly conveying an idea, feeling or message but so often they are just a distraction.

Good content validated by testing is simply the most important element of a custom website; without it you will attract few visitors or customers. Sounds daunting but it doesn't need to be, with our help. Knutsford Cheshire based serving all the UK; ideal for businesses in the North West, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

For a friendly professional UK service including website redesign call Philip on 01565 653330 or use our Simple Enquiry Form


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