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Keyword selection and search term analysis

Keyword selection takes time but search term analysis is well worth the effort giving us in-depth understanding of your market and providing a key to website optimisation. Good word selection is at the heart of successful web page design and website structure. Because your website will represent what your organisation can deliver, we don't promote a product for a popular term unless it's an excellent match. Or use gimmicks such as misspelled keywords because search engines such as Google help users and suggest the correct spelling.

This table shows the selection of keywords for this page.

Results Search Volume
keyword 0.53
keyword search 0.40
keyword tool 0.40
search term 0.40
keyword analysis 0.33
keyword research 0.33
keyword suggestion 0.33
popular search 0.33
keyword popularity 0.26
keyword search tool 0.26
popular keywords 0.20
keyword selection 0.20

Keyword six step selection:

  1. Brainstorming
    We ask you to think about all the potential keywords users would use when searching for your products or services. What are there unique words or phrases people identify with your brand or market? Remember different markets may have words with different spelling i.e. optimisation or the American spelling optimization. These words and phrases are then recorded and the list saved. Note: - The technique of Brainstorming first appeared in 1953 Applied Imagination by Alex Faickney Osborn.
  2. Looking at the competition
    Either from your knowledge or by entering a keyword on Google Yahoo or MSN we find your main competition websites and add the words they are targeting to the list. This is done by looking at page Titles (which appear at the top of your browser) and the Meta tags (by viewing the page source).
  3. Finding alternative keywords
    Found by utilising Google AdWords Keyword Tool, first selecting the language, country dependant on your market, cut and pasting the phrase list.
  4. Identifying how popular each keyword or key phrase is
    The results are then ordered by popularity by clicking 'Avg Search Volume' and downloaded to an excel spreadsheet.
  5. Analysis
    Remove those not relevant, remembering the selection of a not so popular term may bring valuable business for you, especially if it addresses a niche market. Thought may also be given to what products or services you can provide and which give the best margins. The remaining keywords are in descending search popularity, and sorted by terms chosen to target a particular web page.
  6. The final stage
    These then provide a prompt for the website structure, web page Title, Meta tags and web page content.

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