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Website promotion do you stand out from the crowd

Our website promotion starts with a website that stands out from the crowd. We design a user optimised site, then inform the world. We consider with you, pay by click, joint campaigns with customers/suppliers, and not least improving return visitors.

Outline of our service:

  1. Search engines submission lets the world know there is a functioning website. Display on Google is normally a matter of days but be warned, new sites are often not given good placement for some time. Normally once accepted sites are regularly visited, to find fresh content. The leading UK player's by far being Google, Yahoo and bing, with their indexes appearing on many others.
  2. Directories may not provide substantial direct enquiries but will raise your organisations profile and lead to higher rankings.
    The key ones we look at are:
    • Open Directory Project edited by volunteers and results used by Google and many other directories.
    • Yahoo! which has a cost
    • Free and paid that rank highly for relevant products or services
  3. Pay per click Company advertising
    When looking at search results the top items or those at the right side are sponsored links. Depending on the sponsored term the click cost can vary from several pence to pounds. The main players are Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo. You can see your placement, decide cost of each click and set a budget spend limit. This gives immediate high visibility and promotion at a known maximum cost. When good natural listings are obtained, thought can then be given to reducing costs or targeting other keywords. We are happy to manage this service for you.
  4. Existing customers and suppliers
    Investigate areas of common interest and enlist their support for joint web promotion or customer intelligence. Inform them of new developments and highlight aspects of service. Share intelligence of changing demands, customer expectations and usage patterns, feedback, its usefulness or improvement suggestions can provide invaluable pointers.
  5. Increase website traffic with return visits
    When corresponding encourage people, to view your UK website by providing useful information links. Follow up new and past enquiries with content rich newsletters or specific advertising that target their needs, again linking to relevant information. This promotion costs virtually nothing, keeps interested parties informed and will produce surprising results. Above all, information must interest the client, even techniques such as web link baiting should not annoy

Knutsford Cheshire based serving all the UK, ideal for businesses in the North West, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

For a friendly simple website design service call Philip on 01565 653330 or use our Simple Enquiry Form


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