Improve Google Natural Listing

Improve Google Natural Listing

Improve Google natural listing of your site by gaining external links and providing quality content. Simple in principle, instead of just endlessly pursuing links you attract them by providing exceptional and interesting content.

Google PageRank™ measures the importance of web pages by the number of votes it receives, interpreting a link to a page as a vote, each vote value being dependant on the importance of the page that casts the vote. Important pages appear at the top of the search results. Google also analyses full page content, structure and the precise location of each word; considering neighbouring web pages to ensure the results of a user's query are the most relevant.

Hooks five basic types:

  1. Information or resource - Provide information of real interest and benefit to the reader, external resources about your industry, history, technical reviews, how to guides, tutorials and advice. See finding subjects to write about
  2. News - Provide regular news breaking and archive material. Use attention grabbing sensational titles and back up with detail or progress.
  3. Humour - Makes people laugh or feel happy. A funny story, picture, caption or joke. A fantastic way to create a positive mood and communicate a message.
  4. Contrary - Saying something contrary to what most people believe. This needs to be well thought out and argued. Being unpopular will gain lots of attention but may anger and have a negative effect.
  5. Tools - So useful that users will want to return to use them and thus worthy of a link - e.g. Validating Website

This link gaining technique can be highly successful in creating a high ranked site. It does not contravene any Google guidelines and mores importantly interests the client. The objective is to obtain high organic or natural listing on Google without alienating customers or users.

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