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Search engine optimisation SEO - High ranking

Search engine optimisation attracts visitors by obtaining a high ranking for key phrases; then efficiently converting these visits to sales.

There are frequently used search keywords used to products or services: these can be found, by brainstorming, using Google keyword tool and analysing the competition. By grouping key phrases into common themes an optimised website structure is created and an understanding gained of the number of pages required. A site can be launched quickly and then grown; perhaps starting only with as little as five main pages.

Design otimisation and writing useful content rich web pages

Each page targets a specific key phrase. Provides information useful to the user, written naturally to avoid optimisation tricks and has apt text links to further complimentary information.

A most common stumbling blocks is a lack of initial content; but with thought and effort, quite the reverse can quickly be experienced. Techniques including 5w1h; and/or looking at your competition without stooping to plagiarism soon provides the spark needed. The title and meta data should truly reflect the content of each page.

Most successful sites have fifty pages at least. This may at first glance look quite daunting; but by planning and allocating resource it can be achieved. Apply a realistic target say one new page per week, sounds easy but most struggle to accomplish even this.

Validate design by testing each web page for:

  • Spelling and grammar
  • Coding and accessibility compliance
  • Browser compatibility
  • Text density and prominence

Website promotion lets the world know:

  • Search engine and directory submission
  • Pay by click advertising
  • Enlisting the support of existing customers and suppliers
  • Increase website traffic with return visits

Monitoring success and optimisation:

Without monitoring and recording it is difficult to make an objective judgement of success or progress. Useful enquiries generated and search engine ranking are primary measures, with statistics providing a secondary source of information.

High natural listings will come from our optimisation and promotion campaign. Unfortunately there are no success guarantees and our optimisation may require systematic refinement to firstly achieve and then maintain high search engine placement.

We are Knutsford Cheshire based serving all of the UK, ideal for businesses in the North West, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

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