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High website ranking or top search engine position remains the holy grail of website optimisation. Everyone seeks to obtain at least first page placement and that elusive top spot for a user search. Long gone are the days where silly tricks guarantee good ranking. Talk to or view the websites of the numerous experts, you will soon be confused and bewildered by complexity, diversity of thought and the lack of a structured understandable approach.

The UK search market is absolutely dominated by Google with over 90% of the results. Yahoo and MSN approx. 3% each and the rest consists of search results, provided mainly by Google or Yahoo. Don't ever forget the primary aim of these search engines is to generate revenue. They do this though advertising campaigns, namely Google Adwords, Overture and Microsoft adCenter. They clearly want to maximise search audience and seek to attract them; by providing search results ranked in order of usefulness to the user and well placed sponsored adverts.

The top search engine Google PageRank™ measures the importance of web pages by the number of votes it receives, interpreting a link to a page as a vote, each vote value being dependant on the importance of the page that casts the vote. Important pages appear at the top of the search results. Google also analyses full page content, structure and the precise location of each word; considering neighbouring web pages to ensure the results of a user's query are the most relevant.

To improve ranking our approach is:

  1. Content
    The content of each web page seeks to promote your products or services and is written with you, to provide information useful to the user. Whilst targeting a specific keyword phrase, content is written naturally with the user always in mind and without resorting to spamming techniques. With you, we will look to outstrip your competitors and ensure your webpage shines. Note: - the Title, URL and Meta tags will truly reflect the actual content of each page. You will notice our pages are designed to load quickly, to keep the customers interest and lead them painlessly to that all important enquiry.

  2. Web page Hierarchy
    Often the most ignored area of Business Website Design is its structure. The use of themes allows pages to be grouped by related subject content, with a natural hierarchy which places a higher importance on main pages and uses the sub-pages to help reinforce key subjects. This approach can greatly improve your website position. We often provide links to further non-competitive information available elsewhere when it enhances and interestingly this also helps achieve higher placement.

  3. Vital External Linking
    Links from well ranked websites with related content are considered by Google as an endorsement of your site and confirms its importance. We believe the best of these are non-reciprocal. The easiest to obtain are by search engine and directory submission. Apart from the leading players, keyword searches will quickly identify those directories worth submitting to even at a cost. Another very helpful source for joint promotion is the people you know best, your customers and suppliers. Whilst we are happy to exchange links with well ranking sites with relevant content we don't actively seek reciprocal links because we believe the effort is better spent on building more useful pages and improving Google natural listing.

In a highly competitive market obtaining and maintaining a top ranking position requires considerable effort, let us help you,
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