Website Strategy - Purpose of Website

Website strategy and purpose

Website strategy, everyone knows the purpose of their website, or do they? Is it immediately clear what you are selling or communicating? Having a website just because people expect it, is a very limited strategy, common reasons are:

  • Selling products or services
  • Promoting the Company or an organisations image
  • Training or instruction
  • Product demonstration
  • Customer service support
Profile and understand your potential customers
  • What are their specific habits, wants, preferences and needs?
  • Are they generally?
    • Of a specific age group
    • A particular gender
    • Private or Commercial buyers
    • From a social/economic group
    • Location specific - World wide, UK etc.
  • How big is the market and what is the potential business?

Strategy - Make the effort to define and document:

  1. Your customer profile
  2. The purpose and objectives of website
  3. The type of website design you want and what to expect from it
  4. How you will resource:
    1. The website design
    2. Content writing
    3. Site maintenance
    4. Responding properly to customer enquiries
  5. The costs involved and the budget required

This strategy forms the first building block for a good simple website design. More than that, it gives then means to evaluate content and measure performance.

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