Understanding Statistics

Increasing website traffic and understanding website statistics

Understanding website statistics

Having designed each of your web pages, to target specific searches we monitor ranking for these key phases and systematically refine them. Web statistics play a key role in understanding the behaviour of visitors on your site and provides a vital clue for further improvement.

Our site statistics are quite extensive, easy to understand with graphical representation and include:

  • Daily and yearly breakdown of traffic; including the time during the day the site is visited and how long they stay, very helpful in establishing trends.
  • Page views, errors, entry / exit points and those pages only viewed once. Indicating the real initial success or otherwise of each page.
    • What specific pages are visitors interest in, can there content be further enhanced? Always build on success not failure.
    • Why are some pages switching customers off and causing them to leave? How can these be improved?
    • Do the pay per click campaign pages, result in sales?
    • What is causing bad request errors?
  • Robot tags showing which search engines have indexed the site, following search engine submission or return visits.
  • Percentage volumes of referral traffic including each search engine, a useful optimisation pointer and pay by click indicator.
  • The actual keywords and phrases used to reach the site. Understanding this information can be very revealing and suggest further avenues for site development.

Integrate your statistics with your Google Campaign

With Google AdWords and free use of Google Analytics see how your visitors found you and then interacted with your site.

Web statistics give a better understanding of website visitors, their navigation patterns, most viewed pages and how they exit the site. An individual statistic, by itself may not be terribly important, but strong patterns will gradually emerge. Increasing site traffic is not the real objective, website visits which convert to sales are; by evaluation and action we continually improve site performance.

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Understanding statistics
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