Writing website content

Writing website content - Tips on how to start

When writing website content have only one thing in mind, your targeted audience. Unlike books, rarely do people read all the page content, they scan and concentrate on the part that interests them. Looking for information, or reassurance that you will supply the service or product they need. Write for your end user, not a preconceived idea of what the search engines want.

Your content should:

  1. Have a structure with headings, using bold text or colour to highlight information of interest; organise content in order of importance
  2. Be concise, informative and relevant. Eliminate all spelling and grammatical errors with Microsoft's Word, the default language being set to your main clients country
  3. Provide links within the document to related information. Internally and externally as appropriate

The key is to make a start and publish the web page as soon as you can. Revisit later with new thoughts and inspirations.

Finding subjects to write about
  • Target specific market key phrases
  • Product or services
    • The benefits to the consumer and any unique selling points; perhaps how you are leading the field
    • How they are used
  • About your company or organisation
    • Contact details
    • News and coming events, this can also provide material for a newsletter
    • How to find you or see your products, maps etc.
  • Your industry
  • Feedback
    • Examples of how the product or service helped them. Describe before and after scenario. You could include, testimonials, pictures, experiences and descriptions
    • Interviews
  • Technical experts can continually provide and add fresh content to a site. Giving feedback and inspiration for new articles:
    • Candid product reviews including positive and negative aspects, perhaps the circumstances one should be used as apposed to another.
    • Statistics
    • Subject related website blogs
    • Seasonal articles
    • FAQ's - Answer the questions your customers ask
    • How to guides, tutorials or advice articles providing solutions to specific problem
  • Customers and suppliers are an invaluable resource and may be happy to provide technical content. Don't be afraid to ask, they have a common interest in your success.
  • Background can give added value and quality content which attracts external links
    • Location - Benefits and attractions
    • Historical
    • Evolution
  • Targeted website promotions which encourage user participation and provide a potential customer

Content writing
It is always difficult to start; think 5w1h, what, why, where, when, who and how. Without considering plagiarism, look at your competitors or similar businesses. Make a list of say four headings of interest to your readers. Write related content for each using your own writing style and don't forget to check the spelling. Congratulations you've started, that most important first step.

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